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thermageWhen some individuals turn their back on fixing wrinkles and attempt to comfort themselves that these crinkles are a sign of astuteness and experience, the bitter truth is that it is the obvious sign of being old. The skin, on losing its elasticity, inclines to slump and form wrinkles. To rectify the ageing issues and attain youthful skin again, you can visit SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic, New Delhi in India for availing the revolutionary treatment of thermage skin tightening! It is a promise; you will beam with radiant, young-looking skin again by bidding goodbye to the ugly wrinkles, fine lines and other signs!

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Dr. Vivek Kumar is a board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon working and helping committedly as a senior consultant in the field of cosmetic surgery at SIR GANGA RAM HOSPITAL, New Delhi, India.

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SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic promises to be your companion in your fight against distressing signs of aging that have made your ski n saggy and dull.

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Thermage in Delhi, India

Are you a bit cautious of getting sliced? Don’t worry! There are other alternatives available as well! Welcome to the world of the non-surgical facelift in the form of thermage treatment in New Delhi, India! When there is thermage available to us that can give smooth, wrinkle-free skin, then why do we have to look like a pug? Find out the element of miracle that thermage has!

No one likes to see crinkles and other signs of aging getting visible on their face. Your face is the most imperative visual facet of your persona. Wrinkles, wobbly skin and other flaws can make the real you opaque and give people the erroneous impression. Let us face it, most of us feel young inside, but when you have noticeable signs of aging on your face, you feel gloomy and mature. That is why countless people turn to thermage skin treatment to solve these glitches. It basically pulls the skin tighter against the face to reestablish your youthful look. Thermage is an FDA-approved cosmetic process used for skin tightening, wrinkle lessening and the easing of other signs of aging.


The Thermage system relies on heat to make tighter the underlying sheets of the skin. This produces an immediate and noticeable decrease in the appearance of crinkles, loose jawline and drooping skin in the neck or brow region. Thermage is also an effective technique of skin tightening for other zones of the body. It is painless, non-invasive and necessitates no recovery time, yet offers instantaneous and unfailingly brilliant results.



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